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Documents List for soft Approval

  • Residence Proof in Abroad*
  • Current Residence Proof in India*
  • Passport copy with Visa page(Not Compulsory for soft approval)
  • Photo(Not Compulsory)
  • Appointment Letter(Not Compulsory for soft approval)
  • Work Permit(Not Compulsory)
  • Driving Licence(Not Compulsory for soft approval)
  • Company id card(Not Compulsory for soft approval)
  • Credit Report(Not Compulsory for soft approval)
  • Financial Details
    1. Salaried
      • Last 6 months pay slip*
      • Last 3 years Form 16 or IT Returs or Yearly Income Statement*
  • Last 1 year Bank Statement*
  • SOA of all running loan*


The content displayed on the website is purely for general information purpose only. The Approximate eligibility information provided by the website makes no confirmation or representations or warranties of any kind on loan and financial products or services . Your decision to borrow a variety of loans and submission of documents solely depends upon your ability or the understanding of lending criteria in India

*Approval of all financial products is at the sole discretion of banks/financial institutions. All trademarks used above are the property of their respective owners. *Terms & Conditions apply.
*ROI and PF will be applied as per norms at the time of disbursement

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